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Spring has sprung!  Not that we had any degree of a hard winter, but the days are longer and spring is in the air.  I find myself wanting to write more than ever.  I started something new, of which I had only written about a page, but it was good.  Now, I can’t find it anywhere.  I’ve gone through all of my documents and can’t find it anywhere.  I know I saved it!  How could it just be gone?  I guess it was just the universe telling me to go back to work on What Happened to Robbie Tibbons and finish that before starting another project.  It’s a good point, but I’m kind of stymied on the rewrites of this book.  It’s been through so many rewrites that I can’t find anything else to fix; however, it doesn’t feel done.  What I really need is someone objective to read it and critique the story.  My fabulously well-read and brilliant friends and family have already read through it twice, critiquing the story and writing, and schooling me in the power of words.  Each of them has brought something different to the table, each seeing and feeling separate situations.  It wouldn’t be what it is already if not for the help of a few select people and their feedback.  What I need now is a new reader, one to whom the book would be fresh.  In the meanwhile, I’m going through it again, hoping that something will strike me and I’ll finally finish this book that I love so much.  It wasn’t the first book I wrote – that one is in a drawer and will never come back out.  I probably should destroy it; however, it is a whole book that I wrote, the first book that I wrote and that means something.   But, back to WHTRT.  This is the second book I wrote and has some parts of the storyline that are very close to my heart.  The characters are make-believe, all fiction, but I did grow up with a half-black cousin and we were the same age.  That relationship did affect the story, but the characters and the plot are all made up, just from scratch.  It is my favorite book, of the three that I’ve written, and I want to do it justice.  I just need to find a new and interested editor and finish WHTRT before I begin again on a new project.  Anything else will have to wait.

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