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The best thing I can think of to write about now is my next novel.  Well, and the weather, which is glorious.  I know everyone will say, “We need the rain!”  However, I say, “I am loving the blue skies and mid-60 degree warmth.”  Other parts of the country are getting cold, wet and snow, but here in California, we’re enjoying beautiful days.  Except for a couple of rain storms and a wind storm that knocked out power for three days and four nights, it’s been a winter more resembling spring.  I have absolutely NO complaints about the weather – I don’t think it could be nicer.  Now, back to the novel.  It’s titled What Happened To Robbie Tibbons.  It’s actually the second book I wrote (In Darkness was the third novel written, but the first one published), with the first one stuck in a drawer never to come out again.  WHTRT (What Happened To Robbie Tibbons) is about two thirteen-year-old cousins, one white, one half-black, spending the summer together.  It’s set in 1973 on a lake where the girls swim, play and canoe.  The plans for the summer are terrific right up until a fatal mishap changes the girls’ lives forever.    The cousins spend the rest of the summer trying to uncover the truth.  My synopsis sounds like a Nancy Drew story, but it’s not.  It’s definitely written for adults, not their children.  I’m doing the final rewrites now, but I’m trying to build on the character of one of the girls and having a rough time with that.  Rewriting is hard!  How I wish I could write a book that was immediately ready to publish.  I tend to write the books quickly, but I then I spent a year rewriting In Darkness.  It was grueling.  I read that book probably thirty times before I was finished.  And now I’m doing the same for WHTRT and I hope to have it ready for publishing in a few months.

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