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Remember Me?

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything!  I developed bursitis in my hip and couldn’t sit up at the computer to write.  I couldn’t do much of anything, but writing was on my mind.  What if I got finally well and then couldn’t write anymore?  What if my skill was only temporary – lost in the ozone if I didn’t write every day, or every other day at the least.  It’s been four weeks, except for one day when I had an idea that I just absolutely had to put down on paper.  I set my bursitis back a bit, but wrote an all-important page, one that I was so afraid of losing if I didn’t write it immediately.  I’m getting better, day by day, with the help of a chiropractor and drivers getting me around and schlepping my groceries, cleaning my house – Visiting Angels they are.  I couldn’t have gotten through the past weeks without them, but the one thing they could not do for me was write.  I couldn’t even dictate to them for transcription because I absolutely have to be at the computer in order to write.  It’s my instrument, my tool.  I need to feel the keys clicking beneath my fingers.  What am I doing now, you ask?  Well, I’m taking a very short break from being horizontal to write a short blog post.  I’m writing just enough to convince myself that I can still write and enough to say hello, how are you to my most appreciated readers.

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