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It’s A Book!

It’s as done as it’s ever going to be!  My book, In Darkness, is published and available for purchase at Amazon/Createspace in book form and Kindle.  It’s been about a year in process and I’m feeling such silly satisfaction in the finale; I’m practically giddy.  I am also a bit apprehensive, though, knowing that people will be reading this story and judging me as a writer.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t embarrassed myself, but I’m also pretty sure some people won’t like it; it’s not the great American novel, but I think it’s a good read.  I would imagine there will be those who point out the mistakes and there will be those who applaud my work.  I can’t expect everyone to like it and, as it is with any writer or artist, I have to learn not to care about what people think.  I’m not there yet.  I suppose that, after a few bad reactions, I’ll toughen up and wear my shield instead of my heart on my sleeve.  My book is about and from the perspective of a man, which was challenging.  Dean Thompson is a good man and it was a pleasure to create and develop him.  He’s got a great life, terrific friends, a nice girlfriend, a job he loves and enough money to feel comfortable.  He loves surfing, running with his dog and playing basketball with his buddies.  He’s sittin’ pretty.  But, as always, everything must change.  This is a story of a good man with a good life and how he attempts to cope when that life is seriously threatened.  It’s the story of a struggle to hold on to what’s good about his existence.  But, as anybody knows, that can be hard.  I certainly have had my share of challenges in life and I’m still here and I’m finally a published author, something I thought would never actually happen.  It took the blood, sweat and tears of a year of my life to write and rewrite this book.  I’ve had bigger challenges, but none with such the perfect payoff of being published.  It couldn’t have been done without the assistance, interest and support of several talented individuals.  And I thank you so very much.

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