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I saw somewhere that snakes can see through their eyelids and that they never stop growing, which is why they need to shed their skin.  This made me curious about other animal anomalies and oddities.  I did a bit of research and came up with the following facts.  In Switzerland, twenty-eight cows leapt off a cliff over a three day span.  There is no known cause for this action.  In Jatinga, India, hundreds of birds from several different species dive to the ground to commit suicide every year.  It is believed by Indian scientists that atmospheric conditions in Jatinga confuse the birds, which causes them to lose their sense of direction and fly straight down, crashing into the ground.  Another interesting fact was discovered when scientist viewed aerial photos of cows grazing.  All of the cows faced the same direction when eating, either north or south.  It is believed that it has something to do with the earth’s magnetic field, which the cows are able to detect.  Why they face the magnetic pull when eating is anyone’s guess.  Most animals (and toads) have the ability to predict earthquakes.  Some can even know of an imminent earthquake a week in advance.  The animals will evacuate the area where the earthquake eventually hits.  Some other interesting facts about animals are that beavers can hold their breath for forty-five minutes underwater and a hippopotamus can stay underwater for thirty minutes.  Polar bears are left-handed and a crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.  Flamingos eat with their heads upside down in order to strain the water out of their food.  They are pink because their main source of food is shrimp.  The huge rock python of Africa is known for eating whole crocodiles and even children.  Finally and maybe most interesting is the Turritopsis Nutricula, a jellyfish that is essentially immortal.  It reaches adulthood and then transforms back into infancy and begins its life again.  Old age cannot kill it, although it is still susceptible to disease and fatal injuries.


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What’s to talk about?  Nothin’ but the weather, which is spectacular, by the way.  Regardless of another short storm coming through tomorrow, it’s looking like spring.  The official first day of spring came in during more of Mother Nature’s dumping.  It’s been another hard and long winter and spring is just moments away – and most welcome.  Struggling through the difficult mountain winters in order to enjoy the rest of the year is wearing and tearing.  However, spring marks the onset of three seasons of usually, typically, sometimes, gorgeous weather and good times.  It’s fresh.  It’s new.  It’s spring.  Everything is beginning to bloom, flowers popping up everywhere.  The acacia trees are in full yellow glory.  And people are wearing smiles.  It’s a joy to be fresh, new and alive.  The air smells good and the trees bend and sway in time with the wind.  It’s a vision, outside.  It’s proof of life and love and the pursuit of happiness.  All of the tension and stress melts away.  Spring has sprung and summer and fall follow.  But, no matter what the weather, wet or dry, one of my favorite things is to clean around my kitchen sink and stare out the window at the redwood trees, the ivy growing everywhere and everything green on the ground and blue in the sky.

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