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It’s like this whole hypnosis thing I’m doing is surreal.  Everyday I go through the routine to become amazingly relaxed, every muscle as limp as a panicked possum, my pulse as slow as the clock clicks.  I relax in steps, letting the tension drain from my feet and connecting to the rhythm of my breath, just as the ocean waves roll in and out again.  I breathe deeply and slowly and imagine the oxygen I intake physically relaxes every portion of my body.  Once I’m ‘under,’ I begin the hypnosis performance, lightly dancing around my shortcomings, training myself to be better in all ways.  Everything I am not, I become.  And all it takes is twenty minutes a day, with regular repetition, instructing myself over and over again.  With the ease of this practice, how is it that I am not perfect in every way?

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I was surprised recently by a deadly arachnoid.  It snuck inside between the door and the floor.  While making its way through, it was unfortunate enough to get stuck in, and slowed down by, an errant dust ball.  When I found it, in the middle of the night on a bathroom break, it wasn’t moving.  At first, I wasn’t sure what it was, in the dark, but I knew it hadn’t been there earlier.  Without knowing what the weirdly shaped dust ball was, I was too freaked out to reach for it with my fingers.  Good thinking, I guess.  I got the broom and turned on the light.  It took me a full minute or two to determine what I was dealing with – a black scorpion.  I didn’t even know they existed here.  The next day, my sister told me she’d seen them before in her wood pile, along with several Tarantulas, which I also hadn’t known existed here.  I had to accept the truth.  I really had almost stepped on a black scorpion!  At the time, in the middle of the night, I barely got over my shock and eventually squished it dead with the broom, my pulse racing and my heart knocking against my chest.  And now I go lightly, one eye locked in on the floor, diligently on the hunt for the deadly spider, scared silly by a scorpion.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my universe.  My blog is just a way of putting some of my written words out there for your review and comments.  I appreciate you checking out my thoughts on this blog.  Thank you for visiting!

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